There are times when your car battery is starting to fail, and it's important to test your battery to see if you need to replace it. Car batteries last about 3-5 years and knowing when to replace it helps you to avoid an emergency breakdown. If you notice your vehicle is clicking when you start it, or you have dim headlights, you can do an at-home test to check on your battery.

With your car off, turn on only the headlights. Wait for ten minutes, and then turn your car on. As you turn the key, pay attention to the headlights. If they become dimmer when you turn on the car, your battery is not able to pass the load test. This means you should have your battery replaced soon.

Pay attention to problems with how your vehicle is running, and get your battery tested at our service center at Mark Allen Buick GMC in Tulsa, OK if there's a problem.

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