LATCH tethers are built into different models of cars in the backseat to keep car seats and booster seats secure for added safety. This system features lower anchors and tethers and makes it easy to install all types of car seats without relying on any seatbelts. The tethers come with durable anchors for both rear and forward-facing car seats. Most cars that are manufactured after 2002 come with LATCH, which you can learn when reading the owner's manual. The owner's manual will also tell you where the tethers and materials are located.

One of the main benefits of the LATCH system is its ability to reduce head movement in a collision. Lower anchor connectors are available for booster seats. Car seats with a base only need to attach to a lower set of anchors on the seat, making it easy to install a car seat in seconds. Convertible car seats should attach to lower anchors and tethers.

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